Scandbook’s guidelines regarding the corona virus covid-19

Due to the recent developments regarding the coronavirus covid-19, we at Scandbook follow the development closely and have introduced general guidelines for all employees. There are extra precautionary measures that are taken for preventive purposes from an employer perspective but also for our mission. It is important to reduce the risk of a possible infection being passed on through our employees.

The systematic environment work includes that the employer should investigate whether there are risks of workers being exposed to infectious substances. If there is a risk of infection in the workplace, the employer is responsible for:

  • Investigate the risk of infection and assess what risk it may pose to workers.
  • Manage risks and take protective measures where necessary.
  • Provide workers with personal protective equipment if necessary.
  • Report serious accidents or incidents to the Work Environment Authority.
  • Give employees the instructions and information they need to perform the job safely and ensure that the worker can access the information.

We follow daily the developments that are taking place and the recommendations that our authorities give.

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