News from Scandbook February 2020

The environment is important to us!

Climatecalc now at Scandbook!

Want to join in and make a more environmentally friendly impression?

Much of the media news right now focus on environment issues. Above all, about CO2 emissions and the use of chemicals. That is why it is now particularly gratifying that we as a second Swedish printing company and as the first Swedish book printing group, have become certified in accordance with. ClimateCalc. This means, above all, that we keep track of and can report our imprints regarding raw materials, chemicals, electricity, heat and freight. In addition, as previously, we have stubbornly avoided additives in our products that may contain, for readers or our employees, harmful substances such as isocyanates, thermosetting polymer (UV or UV hybrid colors, etc.). We will continue to work on reducing our CO2-emissions and chemical use and prioritize raw materials and subcontractors who have the same insight.

We will also relate to and inform ourselves about the European Green Deal ( which aims to make Europe the first continent to be climate neutral in 2050.

And we have now started the journey to make Scandbook climate neutral!


What is ClimateCalc?

This is a tool for calculating the carbon footprint of a specific product and was created by the European Graphic Trade Association Intergraf (

Intergraph’s standard is the only international graphical standard for calculating carbon footprint. This standard is important because it ensures that everyone who uses the standard calculates on the same basis.

In addition, the ClimateCalc calculation tool complies with ISO 14064-1, ISO 16759 and the international Green House Gas Protocol (

How does it work?

When you know the specification, print run and delivery place, we can make a calculation for your specific project. The calculation is then verified by ClimateCalc. The result will be a report with calculated climate impact according to the European graphical standard established by Intergraf.

Climate compensation

We will soon present solutions on how we can help you with this work.


If you wish, we label the printed matter with QR for traceability of the climate compensation.

Do you also want to climate compensate your books?

Contact us – we will be happy to help you. +46 23765912 +370 46461114


ClimateCalc ScandBook UAB

ClimateCalc ScandBook UAB

ClimateCalc ScandBook AB

ClimateCalc ScandBook AB

Be involved and influence you too. Label climate neutral!

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