Business concept, vision and strategy


ScandBook will create good profitability by being the customer’s first choice as a cooperation partner in book production.


ScandBook’s vision is to:

  • Become an integrated supplier that meets all the needs of the book publishers for the manufacture and distribution of books.


ScandBook’s strategy is to be a leading and independent cooperation partner for book publishers by:

  • Being the most cost-effective producer, with a distinct environmental image, of both hard- and softbound books.
  • Offering its customers the market’s most flexible and efficient deliveries.
  • Gradually expanding its offering to other northern European countries and broadening the product range by both organic growth and acquisition.
  • Continuously developing and broadening its range of services to the book publishers.
  • Competitive advantages.
  • Geographically well positioned in relation to suppliers and customers, permitting short lead times and low logistics costs.
  • Lower labour costs generally in Sweden and especially in Lithuania compared with other northern European countries.