Environmental policy

ScandBook will comply with and apply laws, agreements and regulatory requirements in the environmental area. The Company’s products will be as benign as possible to health and the environment without the Company having to compromise its quality standards. ScandBook strives for constant improvements in the environmental area.

The environmental goals for ScandBook’s business activities are formulated so that:

  • The negative environmental impact of the activities are minimised.
  • Simple, environmentally effective and energy-efficient agents are used for operation and maintenance.
  • Health risks do not arise.
  • Resource utilisation is efficient.
  • Technology and products with good environmental characteristics are chosen.
  • Energy consumption is reduced.
  • The waste quantities for disposal are reduced.

ScandBook will:

  • Prioritise eco-labelled and environmentally friendly products when purchasing and inform suppliers of the importance of complying with ScandBook’s environmental requirements.
  • Work preventively and actively follow developments in the environmental area.
  • Evaluate new technology and products with a view to the environment.
  • Develop personal responsibility among its employees by means of training, information and active participation in the environmental work.
  • Promote relevant eco-labelling of the products and be attentive to the environmental demands of the customers.
  • Market environmental arguments based on fact and a holistic viewpoint