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Scandbook AB is one of 25 winners in the Swedish book art competition 2018

A book produced by Scandbook AB has been selected as one of 25 winners in the Swedish book art competition 2018. Follow the link (in Swedish) to see all the winners and the jury’s statement.

New year with new challenges and opportunities

First of all we wish you all a good continuation of the new year! We also want to thank all our customers for a good cooperation in 2018 which has been an eventful year. Now we are better equipped than ever for staff, machinery and capacity, both in the digital printing business in Falun and in the offset unit in Klaipeda. We are also working on a few projects that we hope will strengthen our relationships and create a better integration between us and our customers.

The winter has finally taken a firm grip on the Nordic countries, but we also go towards brighter days.

Below are some important news that may be good to know.

Web paper

As most people probably heard, 2018 and the start of 2019 have been unusually messy with regard to paper raw materials. Not only in terms of price, with many price increases on pulp and paper, but also capacity problems due to difficulty in getting the timber out of the forests. In order to facilitate the supply of paper, we have now chosen to remove some qualities in our standard range. Holmen book cream / Enso creamy 70g 1.6 and 80g 1.6 and Munken print 70g 1.8 will gradually disappear from our range in both Klaipeda and Falun. In Klaipeda also Munken print 80g 1.8 and all grades of Ensolux cream also disappear.

ScandBook changes to new Fogra 51/52 on February 4th

To keep up with the development of the new printing standard, Scandbook will change to Fogra 51/52. There is not a huge difference with the previous Fogra 39/47, but the new Fogra standard takes into account the presence of UV light, sensitive particles in paper and how people perceive different wavelengths of light. No consideration has been given to this before, which can cause problems. Now we can “measure what we see and see what we measure” in order to express it simply. The measurement is made against other measured values ​​with another light to reflect more reality. For you as a customer, it is unlikely that you will see any major difference.

What you have to take into account is that we change ICC profiles.

We switch to:

– PSOcoated_v3.icc (Coated Paper).

– PSOuncoated_v3_FOGRA52-260.icc (Uncoated Paper).

These are available for download from our website.


Soon we will replace our production data system to a more modern one. In connection with this, we will also launch a new web portal, where you as customers will be able to make quotes, orders and upload print files with automatic preflight. More info about this when it is launched.

Arifiq System

Do not hesitate to contact me or any of our talented employees if you need more info or help with something that concerns this newsletter. 

/ Alf

And last but not least something conceivable about the season.

-If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.

Anne Bradstreet

ScandBook goes green

ScandBook Goes Green!

Welcome to the environmentally friendly book printing house where our production units hold environmental certificates such as ISO 14 001 and FSC.

We only use electricity from renewable supplies sources such as sun, wind, water and biofuels.

In the heart of Sweden and at the port of Lithuania

New installation in Klaipeda: 5 color sheet-fed press – Komori Lithrone GL 529 +C

ScandBook UAB has installed a new 5 color sheet fed press with an in-line coater from Komori – Lithrone GL 529+C.

State-of-the-art technology and Komori know-how shall deliver top print quality and considerable improvement of productivity in ScandBook.

This acquisition is a part of the investment package which will strengthen ScandBook’s position as the industry leader in one color book production in Northern Europe.

Book record – 300.000 copies of Jo Nesbø novel, Tørst, (The Thirst).

ScandBook is very pleased to be a part of a new Scandinavian book record. The latest Jo Nesbø novel, Tørst, (The Thirst) was recently printed by ScandBook for Norway in 300.000 copies.

The new novel from Jo Nesbø, Tørst (The Thirst) was released for sale on March 21, 2017, in a record breaking first edition of 300.000 books for Norway, all printed by ScandBook Group.

Nesbø’s publisher in Norway, Aschehoug, cannot recall any books previously printed in such numbers at the first edition in the entire Norwegian book publishing history.

Jo Nesbø’s novels have been translated into more than 40 languages and selling more than 33 million copies world-wide.

Johan Jansson

New sales representative for Sweden

Johan Jansson, who previously worked as a project manager and most recently production manager here at ScandBook is now responsible for sales in Sweden.

Alf Linder

Changes in the organization at ScandBook AB Falun.

Since March 1st 2017, Alf Linder began his new post as site manager at ScandBook AB Falun.
Alf, a former technical director, production manager and marketing manager, will continue to participate in and lead the marketing organization, but he will also have overall responsibility for the company´s continued operation.

The marketing department in Falun will focus more on sales and tenders in combination with project management to its customers.

Paulius Juska remain CEO on ScandBook AB ScandBook UAB and ScandBook Holding AB.

Paulius Juška

Change of CEO

Magnus Breitenstein the Managing Director of ScandBook Group is leaving the company upon expiry of his fixed term contract. Magnus’ last day at ScandBook is the 25th of August, 2016.  Magnus will be succeeded by Paulius Juška, the Managing Director of ScandBook Group’s subsidiary in Lithuania. Paulius will take over the position of Magnus in addition to his current duties.

ScandBook Group wants to thank Magnus for his valuable contribution to the company, and wishes him the best of success in his future career.

My interim term as MD for the ScandBook Group has been both interesting and challenging. It has included an acquisition almost doubling the company turnover and the installation of the biggest digital book printing line in the world.

I wish the best of luck to my successor Paulius Juška and I thank colleagues and business partners for the enjoyable ride.

Magnus Breitenstein

New sales representative for Denmark

Tage Sieverts 43, has been employed as sales representative for Denmark. Tage has a long sales experience from the book industry. He has been working for the Clemenstrykkeriet and before that in the Nørhaven group.

We are very happy to have Tage in our international sales team. By having a local representative in Denmark we hope to significantly improve our service level to the Danish publishers.

ScandBook starts production of Large text books and Library editions

ScandBook has signed a six-year contract with Förlagssystem for the production of large text books, and library editions to libraries in Sweden.

  • Large text books are volumes specially design for people whit reduced eyesight
  • Library editions are books with purpose made extra strong bindings

The production of large print books will be launched during March and the entire transaction including relocation of the machinery is expected to be completed before end of the third quarter.